Cristy Steinberg, a physical therapist, and Julie Hirschfeld, an attorney, live in the North Shore with their husbands and two children, both 6 and 4.  Cristy and Julie have always had a passion for event planning. Wanting to add personal touches with a professional look, they make time outside their careers to develop something extra special for their families’ birthdays, holidays and special events.

Today’s parties are often meaningless and frivolous.  They take place at the same venues, with the same food and random toys as a goodie bag.  At the same time, parents try to teach their kids values and provide a positive purpose as their kids begin to navigate through life, but they are busy enough trying to navigate their own lives.  It can be hard at times to recognize a good learning experience or to find the time to teach a child something that will make a lasting impact on them as a person.  That is where our company, Parties 4 a Purpose, is needed.  We incorporate thought into the things kids know and love the most – celebrations – while keeping them fun.  Parents will be able to spend the same amount of money on a party with added value through the company’s relationships with local venues and food vendors.  We are incorporating unique giving opportunities within their exclusive party packages.

Parties 4 a Purpose is excited to bring value back into these celebrations and looks forward to expanding into bar/bat mitzvahs and adult milestone birthday and anniversary celebrations.

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