Planting a Seed (613)

We look forward to inspiring the community to bring purpose back into their celebrations, one party at a time.  Our unique party packages will excite parents and children alike.

Thanks to JCC Chicago for giving us the push we needed to start this venture together by accepting us as fellows to participate in the 2017 cohort for Seed 613.  Seed 613 is JCC Chicgao‘s social entrepreneurial initiative.  Like Honi, the elderly gentlemen who planted saplings for the benefit of the future, they nurture the seeds of inspiration and innovation that will benefit the community for years to come.

The Seed613 name purposefully leverages several strong Jewish images.  First, the 613 mitzvot, or commandments, of the Torah which corresponds to the 613 seeds of the pomegranate, a symbol of righteousness, fruitfulness, knowledge, learning, and wisdom. And finally, in a purely entrepreneurial sense, Seed is a critical source of funding made to early-stage ventures.  Seed613 represents the intent to focus on social entrepreneurship initiatives that have a lasting and positive effect on our community.

Come party with us!